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What is Level 2-3 Processing?

Businesses accepting commercial and corporate cards will pay the highest fees to process those cards. Why? Because there are rewards attached to them. The more rewards, the more you will pay to process them. In fact, you will pay 2.95 – 4% to process these cards! 


PCBancard can help you lower your fees to process these commercial and corporate cards, simply by capturing more information when the card is processed. We provide a specific terminal that supplies Level 3 processing, which lowers the risk to accept that card, and in turn will lower fees for you. A rate of 2.95% can be instantly lowered to 1.8% in a matter of seconds.


The Details

Level 3 processing requires the capture of specific line item data in credit card transactions. These additional data fields include merchant name and address, invoice number and tax amount, plus line item details such as item description, quantity and unit of measure, freight amount, and commodity and product codes.


When processessing Level 3 transactions you save money with lower interchange rates than those available for Level 1 or Level 2 purchases. In addition, you receive detailed reporting that allows your to track transactions from inception to settlement.

Do you qualify for B2B level 2-3 processing?

The following are the minimum qualifications to enroll in our B2B level 2-3 processing program. Yes, it’s this simple:  

80% of credit cards accepted must be corporate, purchase, commercial, or business cards

Business must primarily sell to other businesses

While any b2b business can benefit from migrating to level 2-3 processing, here are some industries where we've seen success.
Lumber Yards


Equipment Sales

Food Suppliers

Distribution & Logistics

Alcohol Sales

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