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About Us

Helping your business succeed so you can spend​ time on the important things in your life.

Our Mission Statement

With the highest level of integrity, PCBancard strives to make a contribution to the world by leading the market in CC Processing through exceptional customer service, innovation, commitment, and personal service. While concentrating on implementing new solutions to improve every merchants needs, profitability, and functionality we will continue to fight to protect our Merchants financial well being.

Our Promise

When your business needs to compete in a global market, it needs to stand out as a shining example of how to do things the right way in your industry. Our unique products and services help you do that! Our amazing team will work with you to create an exceptional plan to make your business successful in all the right ways.

Flexible For Your Needs

We understand that building your business makes your schedule crazy. For that reason, we don’t want to add to the chaos, so our Sales Teams maintain a flexible schedule to meet your needs on your time frame.

Our Team

Gary D. Wishnia

Chief Executive Officer

Gary D. Wishnia
Robin E. Turkell

Chief of Operations

Robin E. Turkell
Kristen Losh


Kristen Losh

Our company was selected America’s one of the fastest-growing private companies and we are proud of it. We believe we grow since we are helping our customers and making sure they get all the services they need at the highest-quality.

Years in
Clients &
in the Field

Develop Your Path to Greatness

At PCBancard, our business is helping your business succeed.

Whether you need help with Software Integration or adding a shopping cart on your website, we’ve got programs and services you need to make your business rock.

We have spent many years helping new as well as fully developed companies develop success in their business. Our focus is finding areas where your business could be more productive and successful and then helping you discover the products and services to get there.


Some friends
we’ve made
in the process.

“Excellent company, I had a problem with the chip malfunctioning and was sent a new machine the next morning at no charge. I am doing their cash discounting program and it is saving me over $1000 a month. I was concerned I would lose some customers over this change, but actually has increased. Very happy I found this company.”
Debbie Gregory

“Terrific company. I have used several processors over the years and this is by far the best. Rep listened to my needs, got free equipment, low rates and customer service was incredible as I always talked to a live person, not a machine. Just switched to their cash discount processing program and it is going to save me thousands in fees monthly!”
Sean Carney

“Excellent customer service, innovative products, very easy to work with. Cash discount program saves huge $$$!”
Frederick Ahlers

“I have never had a problem with anything until my terminal had an issue, Tina was just so accommodating. She really calmed me down when I thought I lost all of my transactions today. Just had to write a review to let her know how much I appreciate all that she does. You are one of a kind, Thank you Platinum Choice for having such a wonderful support team.”
Anna Marie Kinder

“I have had processors in the best that did nothing but lie to me. This company is truly one of a kind. Exceptional customer service. They always go above and beyond to assist me.”
Olivia Sniper

“I've never come across a more prudent, ethical, understanding organization in 8 years of being in the US. Leadership wants to learn about their customers' business and how they can support growth. Truly wonderful people!”
Payal St

“Platinum Choice Bancard lives up to its name, it's the BEST choice around. Exceptional service, they really go above and beyond.”
Marc Desmond

“I use Platinum Choice Bancard for my restaurant and they have great prices and incredible customer service. Whenever there is a problem with processing cards, they answer my calls immediately, are incredibly polite, and always know the answer. I wouldn't use anyone else!”
Aaron Pzena

“Never had any processing problems. Cust service was always quick and to the point. I'm happy with the services.”
Ryan East


Become part of our family

We are a team of finance professionals who are excited about finance technologies and softwares helping merchants. We help them to save more and grow fast!